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Why should I buy Organic food? Is there really any difference between Organic and conventionally grown foods? Is it really worth paying more money to get Organic? Many people choose conventionally grown foods over Organic without really knowing the full benefits of purchasing organic foods.

Organic Foods:

· Have a higher nutrient content than conventionally grown foods for example, higher vitamin C, iron, calcium, selenium, and magnesium levels. These nutrients are used in our bodies to prevent disease

· Taste better

· Healthier for you: grown without herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides-these chemicals have been linked to cancer, birth defects, reproductive problems, kidney and liver damage

· Free of antibiotics- antibiotics are found in the meat, milk, and eggs of animals given antibiotics. When we consume these products this can cause antibiotic resistance within our bodies

· Free of hormones- growth hormones are used to increase weight and milk production, in animals. This may be a contributing factor for early puberty in young girls

You may not always be able to purchase organic foods. According to the Environmental working group you may be able to lower your chemical exposure (pesticide, insecticides) by 80% by avoiding the most contaminated fruits and vegetables which will lower your risk for disease. As a rule when you are shopping remember to purchase the foods in the list below from the Organic section.

Celery-64 pesticides detected
Grapes (imported) 34 pesticides detected
Cantaloupe (from Mexico)
Cherries-42 pesticides detected
Peaches 62 pesticides detected
Strawberries 59 pesticides detected
Bell pepper 49 pesticides
Apples 42 pesticides detected
Spinach 48 pesticides detected
Blueberries 52 pesticides detected
Nectarines- 33 pesticides detected
Potatoes 37 pesticides detected
Leafy greens 51 pesticides detected
Now that you have been informed of the benefits of purchasing Organic foods do you think it is worth it?



Traditional uses: In Chinese medicine carrots were used to stimulate elimination of waste, to aid in dissolving gallstones and in eliminating putrefactive bacteria in the intestine. In Western medicine carrots are used as a diuretic and used to treat heartburn Ancient Greeks drank carrot juice as an aphrodisiac.

Benefits: carrots are one of the richest sources of beta-carotene. Studies show that beta carotene intake may protect against cancer of the lung and stomach. Beta-carotene also aids in iron deficiency by helping absorb iron within the body. Helps with night blindness Carrots contain antioxidants

Traditional uses: Greeks and Romans used beats to relieve fever.

Benefits: Contains Folate and Iron Stimulates liver, kidney, gallbladder, spleen, bowel and lymphatic system. Strengthens the immune system, may reduce the risk
of heart disease, contains soluable fiber that helps lower (LDL), lower density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol), aids in purifying the blood.

spinach, red leaf, Boston or Bibb lettuce, watercress, Romaine Lettuce
Traditional uses: Chinese medicine used as diuretic, given to start or increase mother’s milk production. Western herbalist prescribe for insomnia.

Benefits: Evidence shows that regular consumption of salad leaves decreases the risk of colon cancer. This is partly due to antioxidants, which may stop or deactivate production of carcinogens and partly due to the fiber they provide. Salad leaves are rich in folate, folate rich foods are believed to reduce the risk of heart disease. Spinach cleanses toxins that can cause skin disease Contain calcium, needed for strong bones

Traditional uses: Cleanse the liver, alkalize the blood and help treat rheumatism
and gout

Benefits: Contains Lycopene, an antioxidant that reduces the risk of prostate cancer and protects against heart disease by deactivating free radicals
Research in Italy revealed 7 or more servings of tomatoes a week would reduce the risk of cancers of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, colon, and rectum by 60percent.

Traditional uses: Chinese medicine recommend broccoli to treat eye inflammations and near-sightedness.

Benefits: Broccoli ranked first in the National Cancer Institute’s list of all around cancer-fighting vegetables. It is believed to play a role in protecting against cancers of the lung, stomach, mouth, ovaries, breast, cervix, colon and prostate. It is rich in several potential cancer fighting substances such as indoles, glucosinolates, beta-carotene, and vitamin C.
Broccoli is a good source of iron and beta-carotene, it may help prevent anemia.

Preparation precedes Blessings

Does this sound familiar? Lord, I want to lose weight, I want to be healthier, Lord I'm tired of this pain, if you could help me get this blood pressure down…Lord I want…

We want the Lord to perform miracles and one morning, "Whoosh" we are able to wear that favorite suit or dress again. We want God to perform a miraculous healing and take away all the pain and the pounds. We want the Blessing! At the same time we want to continue in the same routine eating everything we want, see or even think about without considering the consequences. I'm reminded of a quote from Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby, "You can't stay where you are and go with God." So what are you going to do?

In our spiritual lives we see a need for spiritual preparation. In order for us to be more like Christ we must abstain from wickedness. We must flee from youthful lust, immorality, sensuality, strife, jealousy, impurity, drunkenness, and idolatry. We must bear the fruit of the Spirit, which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

We see examples throughout scripture that testify to the fact that preparation precedes blessings. In 2 Kings 5:10 there was no healing until the leper had dipped himself seven times. "Go and wash in the Jordan seven times and your flesh shall be restored to you and you shall be clean." In 2 Kings 4:3 there was no oil until the vessels were gathered. "He said, 'go borrow at large for yourself from all your neighbors, even empty vessels; do not get a few'". In John 11:39 there was no resurrection until the stone was removed. "Jesus said, remove the stone." Martha, the sister of the deceased, said to Him "Lord by this time there will be a stench, for he has been dead for four days."

Just as there is a need for spiritual preparation to be a vessel of honor, sanctified useful to the Master, prepared for every good work. There is a need for physical preparation. Remove the stone.

You must prepare? If you want to lose weight, be healed from physical ailments or discomfort, do those things that are necessary to reach that goal. You cannot continue doing what you're doing and expect different results. You must supply God's temple with the proper foods that are going to provide nutrients to the body. Raw fruits, vegetables, fresh juices, distilled water, exercise, sunlight and rest are essential to reach ultimate health. So the next time you say I can't eat…. Or I wont stop eating…. Or I just don't feel like exercising...

Remember Preparation Precedes the Blessing!!

Consider the Consequences

“For whatsoever a man soweth that shall he reap” Galatians 6:7. What is preventing you from reaping a bountiful harvest? What is hindering you from making the change that would result in Ultimate Health? Many of you know the dangers that some foods have on your body. For example, animal fat clogs arteries, which leads to heart attacks and death. Yet, many continue to consume large quantities of this product. It is well documented that high salt intake has a negative effect on blood pressure but uncounted thousands continue to consume this product. Those suffering from diabetes continue to consume food loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. You must ask yourself why? Have you considered the consequences?

I’m reminded of a lady that was diagnosed with a chronic illness. She was told that if she didn’t change her eating patterns the illness would consume her body and she would die prematurely. At this time, she was devastated but she was young, she had time on her side, so she thought. She refused to give up those things that brought her pleasure. She would continue to eat what she wanted to eat. As time went by she basically dismissed the fact that she had a life threatening, chronic disease. She completed college, started a well paying and meaningful career. She finally, met her knight in shining armor. She was married and was carrying their first child. Life was wonderful. Then it all came back to haunt her. Complications began during her pregnancy. She was able to give birth to a bouncing baby girl but she would never get to hold her in her arms, or hear her say those precious words, “Mama” or see her take her first steps. She would never have the pleasure and pain of taking her to school for the first time. She would never get to read bible stories to her, or teach her about the wonderful love of God, or pray with her. She would never be able to be an example to her daughter. She would miss her graduation and miss watching her grow up to be a mature God-fearing young lady. Why? Because she died prematurely while giving birth. Did she consider the consequences? Her past choices had profound future affects.

Let’s take a look at the biblical character Esau. In Genesis 25 we see Esau giving up his inheritance, his comfortable, lavish future. For what? A bowl of lentil stew. We must ask the question was a bowl of stew worth his inheritance? No. Did Esau consider the consequences that would follow for selling his birthright for a bowl of lentil stew?

Many times we, like Esau, sacrifice our future for present pleasures, for immediate gratification of the flesh without considering the consequences. We consume foods that we know are harmful to our bodies, His temple, without counting up the cost. We are ruled by our appetites and not by the Holy Spirit. We live to eat instead of eating to live. What will you sacrifice for a bowl of lentil stew? Will you consider the consequences?

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